Maks Acrylic Panels; have a standard one sided bright acrylic surface. It can be also provided for both sides if requested. The panels are available in dimensions of 18x1220x2800 mm and 08x1220x2800 mm.

Matte white bute polystyrene with the same tickness as acrylic is used as primer. It can be produced as double sides acrylic as project based.

Acrylic with deep surface gloss is a product that performs perfectly with its aesthetic design.

It has a smooth and aesthetic surface without any roughness on its surface.

In the lamination of acrylic surfaces,polyurethane hotmelt glue is used according to world quality standards.

Modern, stunning and wide range of colors.

There are protective film on acrylic surfaces.Do not touch the surfaces for 6-8 hours after removal.

To clean,do not use any chemicals.Wipe with a microfiber cloth moistened with water.

It is a recyclable and hygienic material.It does not accumulate bacteria on its surface.